The Journal of Learning Spaces Studies (IJLSS) aims to provide a valuable platform for exploring and disseminating research in various disciplines related to education and learning spaces. This interdisciplinary journal welcomes contributions from multiple fields, including but not limited to educational technology, technical and vocational education, innovations in education, language studies, instructional technology, and student and residential life.

IJLSS is committed to engaging with the dynamic and evolving teaching and learning landscape, focusing on emerging trends and advancements in web-based teaching and learning, digital curriculum development, computer-assisted learning and assessment, and computer-mediated communications. The journal also encourages submissions that address topics such as:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Distributed learning environments
  • Sports education
  • Interactive multimedia systems
  • Education through simulations and games
  • Virtual reality-based learning systems
  • Outdoor education
  • Medical education


By fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, IJLSS seeks to promote innovative ideas and practices that enhance the quality of learning spaces across diverse educational contexts.