Document Type : Original Research Manuscripts


MSc, Accounting, Faculty of Accounting, Islamic Azad University, Tehran West Branch, Tehran, Iran.


Purpose: This study was conducted to find out the direction of using educational technology in financial management.
Method: Bibliometrics and scientific mapping techniques have been used in this applied research. Research data were collected from the Scopus database from 1973 to 2022. Bibliometrix R was used to analyze and visualize data and scientific maps.
Findings: The research findings show that educational technology in financial management among 60 documents in 6 clusters of financial management, medical education, short survey, priority journal, public relations, and university. In the research, educational technology and financial management are the most widely used words in a single cluster and have the most centrality and betweenness. Likewise, the field of dentistry is one of the fields that are most active in using educational technology in financial management.
Conclusion: Educational technology as an interdisciplinary field has a direct and effective impact on most service businesses affecting the country's economy. Knowledge development and integration of key issues in financial management are essential. According to the findings of this study, for the promotion in the industries especially the service sector, it is suggested to provide a strategic view in applying educational technology in financial management. 


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