Document Type : Original Research Manuscripts


1 Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Visiting Professor of the Farhangian University of Shahid Rajaee Campus in Semnan-Iran.

2 Master of Educational Technology and Visiting Lecturer at Payam Noor University, Semnan, Iran.

3 Associated Professor of Educational Technology, Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Purpose: The present article aimed to evaluate 3 mobile game-based learning games and propose a suitable evaluation model.
Method: The following games were utilized to evaluate games: farming simulator, tractor farm driver, and farm town. The appropriate evaluation method included 4 components of motivation, game environment, support, and Instructional design and the outcome of the model included learning and motivation.
Findings: The results obtained from experts’ and students’ analysis of the game support the correctness of evaluation results and the usefulness of the proposed model as a desirable model.
Conclusion: We may conclude that the evaluation of the three games mentioned above indicates the fact that this model can be suitable for evaluating games, especially computer and mobile games.